Sep 18, 2019
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The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is pleased to announce that The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has obtained the EQUAL-SALARY certification. After successfully passing the statistical analysis of its salaries, The Global Fund underwent an internal audit entrusted to PwC proving that it applied equal pay for women and men.




The Global Fund, one of the most important and influent organisation in the Global Health sector, thus joins the group of pioneering international organizations leading by example and committing to equal pay for women and men. In doing this, The Global Fund contributes to the Global Health 50/50 initiative to advance gender equality in the Global Health sector and proves indisputably that it pays women and men equally.

In the Global Health sector, ensuring equal pay for women and men is a fundamental pillar to advance gender equality in medical services and thus support the growing need for women to handle medical care in certain parts of the world where access to care is still deeply related to gender.” said Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder and CEO of EQUAL-SALARY.

Tackling gender inequality is a critically important component of many of the programs we support. We won’t succeed in ending the epidemics without addressing the many structural inequalities that make girls and women more vulnerable to infection or impede access to health services. It’s equally important that we promote gender equality within our own workplace.
Being a progressive, fair and responsive organization cannot simply be an aspiration for the Global Fund. We must also be confident that the lived reality for all our staff fully reflects the values we espouse. Becoming an EQUAL-SALARY employer demonstrates our commitment to having a gender-balanced workplace – and this certification provides a basis to build their confidence. It is a milestone for us to be proud.
We are committed to a workplace that embraces diversity, thrives on discussion and is constantly learning.
I hope and encourage the EQUAL-SALARY certification to catalyze our continued evolution as a fair and equitable organization for all” added Peter Sands, Executive Director of The Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Pay equity in practice …

While most companies claim to pay women and men fairly, the wage gap is still close to 23% globally, averaging 16.2% in Europe. (source: eurostat June 2018, based on 2016 data).

… and especially in the Global Health sector :

Only 25% of organizations make public their gender pay gap data. Most of these do so because of legal obligations.


Download full press release in PDF format below.

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