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Logib is a free equal pay analysis online tool provided by the Federal Office for Gender Equality to support companies with analysing equal pay.

The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation now recognizes Logib Module 1 (for companies with 50 or more employees) as a valid salary analysis in its certification process. Consequently, subject to in-depth control, companies can take advantage of their Logib analysis as an equivalent to the EQUAL-SALARY analysis to facilitate Phase 1 of the EQUAL-SALARY certification and advance more quickly to Phase 2 – the on-site audit.

Logib is now recognised in the EQUAL-SALARY certification process

To be validated in the EQUAL-SALARY certification process, the analyses must be checked according to the same criteria as the checks carried out under the law on public contracts. Complemented by a qualitative on-site audit, the EQUAL-SALARY certification goes further and ensures that equality is explicitly defined and applied in company processes and policies. In addition, the certification provides a clear, thorough, and transparent view of gender equality within the organization, along with a road map and actionable steps for continuous improvement.

Raise the bar and allow your company to stand out from the crowd by verifying that you offer true gender equality: a thorough implementation of equal pay and equal opportunities regardless of gender.

Logib Recognition Checklist

Things to know and what to expect when applying for the recognition of Logib in the EQUAL-SALARY certification process:

Your company has already done the work of gathering the salary data and undergoing the salary analysis through Logib, so you have already started the requirement of phase 1 of the EQUAL-SALARY certification.

Once your Logib analysis has been verified by experts, you are ahead of the game and can access phase 2 directly. This means a certification at a reduced cost with all the benefits of the EQUAL-SALARY certification.

Logib is a free equal pay analysis online tool provided by the Federal Office for Gender Equality of the Swiss Confederation. It is available and can be used worldwide without restrictions.

The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation recognizes the Logib-module 1 tool as a validated method for the salary analyses in phase 1 of its certification process, provided that they have been checked by an expert accredited in accordance with the Federal Office for Gender Equality standards for equal pay checks under the Federal Law on Public Procurement PPA (and not under the Law on Equality, GEA).

Your logib analysis should be based on data that is not older than 12 months.

What happens if the Logib Analysis has not been carried out in the last 12 months?

The organization will have to redo its analysis with the Logib tool, choosing a more recent reference month for salaries. ESF appoints an accredited expert who will then check the analysis in place of the EQUAL-SALARY statistical analysis. If the analysis results comply with Logib’s requirements, the organization can move on to phase 2 of the EQUAL-SALARY Certification process.

If you can provide the results of your PPA check together with the data, your company can proceed directly to Phase 2 of the EQUAL-SALARY certification process, with only very small costs associated with the extraction of your “special cases” for the continuation of the process.

To maintain the quality of our certification, the analyses must be recent. The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation cannot consider that an analysis dating back more than one year is sufficiently representative of the organization’s current situation in terms of remuneration, bearing in mind that it will then be considered sufficient for a period of three years.

If your Logib analysis is older than 1 year you can rely on the work already carried out to prepare your data during your previous Logib test, so the workload is less significant.

In fact, the preparation of variables, the evaluation of functions and the classification of professional positions, among other things, will all be known tasks. Your organization can count on an 80% time saving for this second analysis.

Fifty or more employees on a national activity, of which at least ten are women.

  • Full salary data in digital format extracted from Logib Module 1
  • A well-documented salary policy
  • Formalized HR processes
  • The involvement of employees through surveys and interviews
  1. An gender pay gap of less than five percent
  2. A commitment to equal pay clearly supported by top management
  3. Fully implemented HR processes, including indicators implemented by gender

Excluding the Logib analysis check costs, prices of the certification depend on the size of the organization (number of employees and number of sites). They include the Certification fees, the main on-site audit and 2 monitoring audits.

Quantitative phase: Statistical analysis of salary data to measure the gender pay gap within the company and a list of individual discrepancies to be explained or addressed, where applicable. This phase is facilitated when certification is carried out with a Logib salary analysis.

Qualitative phase: On-site audit to assess the company’s overall commitment to equal pay, and its implementation in HR processes. Employees and top management are involved through surveys and interviews

Depending on your preparation and readiness, the process takes minimum 4 to 6 months. The internal workload for the organization’s staff takes approx. 1 week according to the feedback we get.

The EQUAL-SALARY certificate is valid for three years. Following the main initial audit, the organization will need to undergo two monitoring audits in years 2 and 3.

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