The EQUALIZER Ambassador Program is a way for you to fight the gender pay gap issue. In connecting a group of like-minded individuals, we hope to raise awareness and educate society on the importance of this cause. As an EQUALIZER, you will be given a variety of tasks that can be done to increase attention and teach others. The tasks can include attending a conference, speaking at your local businesses, writing articles for your regional newspapers, attending local events and more! The program is designed to be flexible, therefore, there is no daily or weekly commitment.

Check out the frequently asked questions and read the role description to learn more about our program. In case you have more questions that we haven’t answered here, you can contact ambassador@equalsalary.org for more information.

Equalizer's Vision

To achieve equality worldwide by raising awareness and educating society.

Equalizer's Mission

To create a network of motivated like-minded people.



EQUALIZERS treat each other with respect and appreciation.


EQUALIZERS are fighting for a change in the world.


EQUALIZERS are fighting for more justice between women and men.


EQUALIZERS are passionate about equality between women and men.


EQUALIZERS are eager to learn and grow.


EQUALIZERS are continuously engaging with their community.


In our global online community, you are able to meet and connect with various people from different industries and regions. Your personal network will grow and offer you new and exciting opportunities. Further, you can become a mentor or a mentee to others in the EQUALIZER ambassador program. With that, you can help society!


Help society

By supporting and actively fighting the gender pay gap, you are able to help society in the short and long run. The future generations will be able to earn more with their respective salaries, increasing the global GDP. An increased global GDP will make it possible to spend more money on other causes like hunger. Fighting the gender pay gap does not only solve one issue, it is the start of a domino effect solving other global issues.


Personal growth

The program offers a wide variety of training in which you can gain new skills. In exchange for your time, the foundation will help you improve your soft skills that can be used in various industries and positions. Additionally, the program helps you better understand the cause and how to fight for it.


Flexible activism

The program is designed to be flexible. It allows you to decide when and how to combine your role as an EQUALIZER with your other activities. The tasks are diverse and will be updated regularly, which enables you to apply to the task that suits you and your time best.


1. Fill out the application form.
2. Sign and upload the charter.
3.Show us your motivation: either by recording yourself in a video or in a creatively written format (A4, pdf). Upload the video or written document with your application.

Once you’ve submitted all the documents, you will hear from us within a few days.

We review applications as quickly as possible. It can, however, take up some days to evaluate. If you have not heard from us after two weeks since the submission date, please contact us at ambassador@equal-salary.org.

You must be over 18.
You must be passionate about the cause.
You must be motivated to make change happen.

As an EQUALIZER for the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, you most importantly get the opportunity to create change! Aside from this, you will benefit from a network of likeminded people, training opportunities, personalized support, promotional materials and growth opportunities within the ambassador program!

No, all EQUALIZERS are invested in the program on a voluntary basis. EQUALIZERS benefit from the opportunities offered within the program.

Once an EQUALIZER, always an EQUALIZER. The commitment to the program is on a voluntary basis, making it possible for you to decide when to start and when to stop.

As this is a flexible volunteering opportunity, there are no set times per week or per month to volunteer. The opportunities are presented on the sharing platform, making it easy to sign up when an activity fits with your location, time and schedule.

It is possible that at some point you might want to end the commitment to being an EQUALIZER for the foundation. Please send an email to ambassador@equalsalary.org stating your reason for stopping the program. We will remove you from all data and commitments within a month of receiving the e-mail.