Collaboration with the University of Geneva

Oct 29, 2018
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The EQUAL-SALARY Certification has been developed in close collaboration with Prof. Yves Flückiger from the University of Geneva.

Recognized by the Swiss Federal Court of Justice

The expertise developed by Prof. Flückiger has been retained by the Swiss Federal Court of Justice in a groundbreaking salary discrimination case that set a precedent.

The statistical analysis is based on the regression methodology. It allows to include information such as the level of education, experience, seniority. It can also include the position and other significant variables considered by the company.

The candidate company is free to set its own remuneration policy, provided that it is consistent, and that women and men subject to equal treatment.

For a given position, each person is considered individually without consideration of gender. There is no need to have both a woman and a man in the same position with the same qualifications and competencies to evaluate the salary level each person is entitled to.

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