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Equal pay is an issue that impacts more than the workplace. It can affect our financial stability, our family lives, our self-esteem and our overall health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s so important to get informed, to know the facts—and to know that even the smallest actions can make a big difference.

Next time you apply for a job or promotion, make sure you do your research to know what you’re worth ahead of time so that you can demand fair compensation. Ask people in your network, look for salary comparisons online, and apply for companies that support and practice equal pay. Spread the word among your friends and colleagues to create a ripple effect for real change.



Why donate now ?

Whilst equal pay is now topical in many countries, enforcing it remains at odds with the goals. The pay gap in Europe is still around 16%. Globally it is at 20%. At the current pace, equal pay will only be achieved in 257 years .(WEF 2019)

This difficult economic period is putting even further pressure on compliance of equal pay, with first countries already deferring their enforced laws. Yet we see that all over the world it is in particular women who are taking on the heavy burden of essential workers.

It is therefore of utmost urgency that companies and governments maintain focus and rigor to this achieve this important goal of gender equality. Thanks to your support, we will create a clear and sustainable change in mindsets and habits in order to reach equal pay globally as soon as possible.


Talk to your HR team

Isn’t it time your company gets EQUAL-SALARY certified?

Most organizations have the best intentions when it comes to paying their employees fairly. They may even say they’re doing so already. But it takes proving these convictions to be taken seriously in today’s business climate.

If you believe your organization is a good candidate for the EQUAL-SALARY certification, share the link below with your HR team and show them how getting certified would bring invaluable benefits to your company.