The EQUAL-SALARY Ethnicity Certification is a process that enables companies to verify and communicate that they pay all their employees equally for the same work or for work of equal value across all ethnicities. It is aimed at companies in all countries and industries with 100 or more employees (with at least one ethnic category having at least 50 employees and at least one other ethnic group having at least 10 employees) that have committed to eliminating the ethnicity pay gap.

By becoming certified, you have the opportunity to put your values into action and create a solid foundation for your ESG strategy. You prove that you are committed to equal pay for all and paving the way for a society without racial discrimination. This means added value for your organisation, better recruitment and retention of employees, more diversity in your team, a better reputation and much more. You’ll also have the added benefit of knowing you’re doing the right thing.

Help your organisation stand out for all the right reasons and get certified today.

"In 2022, black women in the USA earned 70% as much as white men."

Pew Research Center 2023


Salary analysis

The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation collects all of your employee salary data securely and anonymously. It is then analyzed to see if the wage difference related ethnicity is less than or equal to 5%, and if the R-squared value is higher than or equal to 90%. If all goes well, it’s time to move on to step 2.

On-site review

Following international quality standards, our auditing team makes sure EQUAL-SALARY requirements are met while assessing the following:

CEO/top management’s commitment to equal pay for all;
How well equal pay strategies are integrated into the HR processes and policies;
Employees’ perception of the company’s pay practices.


Depending on the results of the audit, your company is awarded the EQUAL-SALARY Ethnicity Certification from the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation. You’re then free to promote your certification in your company’s communications with tangible proof that you support and practice equal pay in the workplace.

Monitoring reviews

Your certification is valid for three years. During this period, you will need to undergo two monitoring reviews, to show your ongoing commitment to a fair and non-discriminatory wage policy. You’ve come this far; keep up the good work!


Why ours is the certification your company needs


The credibility

EQUAL-SALARY is the only non-profit organization to promote equal pay between women and men using a methodology developed in collaboration with the University of Geneva in Switzerland and Boston University, Washington University in Saint-Louis and Georgetown University in the United States.

EQUAL-SALARY is also the only equal pay certification in the world with a methodology based on hard evidence (salary analysis) addressing the racial/ethnic pay gap.

Moreover, audit procedures have been designed specifically with racial sensitivities in mind, including e.g. availability of racially diverse auditors, and auto-declaration of racial/ethnic identity.

The achievements

130 companies have been EQUAL-SALARY certified worldwide to date. Check out the list of all certified companies.

The partners

Our equal pay certification is carried out by world-leading audit partners, giving credibility not only to EQUAL-SALARY but to the equal pay movement as a whole.




What you should know and what you can expect when applying for the EQUAL-SALARY Ethnicity Certification:

In today’s business climate, it’s no longer enough to say that your organisation supports equal pay for equal work or for work of equal value regardless of ethnicity. You also have to prove it. Certification allows your organisation to demonstrate good governance and transparency. It significantly improves your ability to attract and retain strong and diverse talent. It helps your organisation do the right thing: close the ethnic pay gap, gain a competitive advantage and position yourself as a leader in diversity and inclusion. In addition, your organisation can anticipate and mitigate the risk of a potential case of unequal pay and lay the foundation for a solid ESG strategy.

1. at least 100 employees must be employed in the area of application.

2. disclosure rate: data on ethnicity must be available for at least 70% of the employees covered.

3. at least one ethnicity category must include 50 or more employees.

  • Ethnicity data for at least 70% of the employees covered
  • Complete salary data in digital format (Excel)
  • A well-documented salary policy
  • Formalised HR processes
  • Employee engagement through surveys and interviews

The applicant organisation is responsible for collecting and ensuring the quality of data on the ethnicity of each employee.

  1. An ethnic pay gap of less than five per cent with an R2 of at least 90%
  2. A commitment to equal pay that is clearly supported by senior management
  3. Fully implemented HR processes, including indicators implemented by ethnicity

The costs for certification depend on the size of the organisation (number of employees and number of locations). They include the certification fees, the salary analysis and the on-site audits.


Statistical analysis of salary data to measure the ethnicity pay gap within the organisation and a list of individual discrepancies that may need to be explained or addressed.


On-site audit to assess the company’s general commitment to equal pay and its implementation in HR processes. Employees are involved through surveys and interviews.

Depending on your preparation and readiness, the process will take at least 4 to 6 months. The internal workload for the organisation’s employees is approximately 20 days if you already have the ethnic data of all your employees.

The EQUAL-SALARY certificate is valid for three years. After the first main audit, the organisation must undergo two surveillance audits in years 2 and 3.


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