Madelaine and her Ikigai

An inspiring spontaneous testimonial

Oct 23, 2018
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It’s been more than a year since I first heard about equal-salary. Not only was I skeptical about how deep the Foundation’s methodology would go during the client’s reviews, but I was also not relying on the company where I work thinking that it was just another golden medal that they wanted to hang on the wall. Wrong. I was wrong about the foundation, and I was also wrong about my employer.

Following with the start-up “failure” mindset, how GOOD it feels now to have been so wrong not only once but twice! My admiration and thankfulness to Equal-Salary Foundation does not come from your marketing campaigns. What has awakened my passion comes from the most operational task I did reporting employee’s educational records; from the analysis I ran in order to identify the number of women who’ve been promoted after a maternity leave; and from the hours spent in front of a screen trying to understand the reason why someone had a 5.1% pay gap difference even if her performance rating had not been below target.

I truly want to thank you for having awakened both my passion and my mission: I’ll always thank you for having inspired me to find my Ikigai.

Madelaine Ferrer


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