Meet our Ambassadors – Alicja Wejdner

Aug 25, 2023
Alicja Wejdner

In a landscape marked by persistent gender pay disparities and unequal access to opportunities, certain individuals emerge as champions of fairness and drivers of transformation. This is why we highlight EQUAL-SALARY Ambassadors and their professional journeys – their stories are a motivation to fuel systemic shifts toward a future for greater equity and inclusivity.

Meet Alicja Wejdner

Alicja Wejdner is a Ph.D. candidate at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, her research delves into the gender pay gap, equal pay policies, and women’s labor market participation.

During my labour economics class at university, I encountered the topic of the gender pay gap for the first time. Our assignment was to write an essay on a subject within the scope of the course, and that’s when I stumbled upon information about the gender pay gap. I was captivated – I realised I wanted to dedicate myself to this issue.

As I delved into the research, I was surprised by the reality of gender-based wage disparities. It seemed unjust and entirely against the principles of fairness and equality that I held dear. The more I read, the more I felt a growing passion to contribute to change. As I researched further, I began to comprehend the impact of the gender pay gap on individuals and society. I read stories of talented and hardworking women being undervalued simply because of their gender.

So, I decided to align my academic pursuits with my newfound passion. Both of my master’s theses were dedicated to understanding and addressing pay equality. I chose to focus on research topics related to gender economics, conducted surveys on workplace experiences, and analysed policies aimed at reducing the gender pay gap. I decided to continue my education and pursue a PhD in economics, focusing on gender and labour market dynamics.

In my dissertation, I am tackling the question: “How to solve the problem of the wage gap? Empirical analysis of equal pay policies”. My research unfolds in two main parts: examining the impact and effectiveness of equal pay policies implemented by various EU countries and investigating how equal pay policies play out within companies, getting a practical sense of their real-world application. Through studying company practices, employee perspectives, and solid data, I aim to provide insights that can inform policymaking and contribute to narrowing the gender pay gap. I want to find common ground between these macro and micro approaches, paving the way for a comprehensive and practical policy solution.

Reflecting on my journey, I am grateful for that moment when I first encountered the gender pay gap. It ignited a passion, a determination to create positive change, and an unwavering commitment to the cause for me. This journey has taught me the power of education, advocacy, and empathy in pursuing equality.

For me, the gender pay gap isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue; it disproportionately impacts women from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds due to intersectional factors. But one thing is sure – the long-term consequences of the gender pay gap can be profound, as it affects women’s financial well-being throughout their lives, impacting retirement savings, wealth accumulation, and overall economic security. And that is why we should all work towards equal opportunities for men and women.

Alicja Wejdner

To learn more about the EQUAL-SALARY’s Ambassador Program and how you can get involved in the closing the gender pay gap worldwide, please visit our dedicated page.

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