Ville de Fribourg is EQUAL-SALARY certified

Vevey, December 3, 2021

Dec 3, 2021
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The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is pleased to announce that the City of Fribourg in Switzerland has obtained the EQUAL-SALARY certification, symbol of excellence in terms of equal pay for the 5th time. Pioneer of the equal pay movement, the city of Fribourg has obtained its first EQUAL-SALARY certification in 2009. After successfully passing the statistical analysis of its salaries, Ville de Fribourg underwent an internal audit entrusted to SGS proving that it applied equal pay for women and men.

The City of Fribourg was the first public sector entity to participate in the EQUAL-SALARY project and its commitment over time has been exemplary. The public sector has a key role to play in promoting equal pay. EQUAL-SALARY certification allows to take concrete action within the framework of the Swiss Confederation’s Charter on Equal Pay in the Public Sector to finally make equal pay a reality” commented Noémie Storbeck, co-CEO of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

« The City of Fribourg has been EQUAL-SALARY certified since 2009 and is pleased to pursue its commitment to equal pay, a topic that is a priority in our municipality’s employment policy. The EQUAL-SALARY label is an integral part of our municipality’s corporate culture » added Thierry Steiert, Mayor of the city of Fribourg.

Equal pay in practice … and especially in the public sector:

While most companies claim to pay women and men the same, the gender pay gap is still close to 23% on a worldwide level, reaching an average of 16.2% in Europe[1]. In Switzerland, the gender pay gap is of 19,6 %[2].

In Switzerland, 17 cantons, 120 municipalities, 67 parastatals and the Confederation have confirmed their commitment to equal pay by signing the Charter on Equal Pay in the Public Sector. EQUAL-SALARY certification is a way to prove the implementation of this charter through concrete action.


[1] Source: eurostat June 2018, based on 2016 data [2] Source : BFEG/OFS January 2019

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