May 4, 2020
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We confirm the continued support of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation to UN Global Compact. In renewing our commitment, we express our intent to keep supporting the Global Compact in advancing the 10 principles, in particular principles 1, 2 and 6 of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, and labor.

On a daily basis, the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation engages companies and/or institutions to commit to equal pay for women and men through offering a robust “high level” certification process. Comparable to an ISO for wages, the EQUAL-SALARY certification allows companies to verify and communicate they have equal pay for women and men.

Since May 2018, the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation (ESF) has undertaken the following actions:

  • ESF has certified 60 organizations in the following sectors : banking, retail, global health, tobacco, insurance, education, food industry, office products. Over 100’000 women and men have been directly impacted.
  • ESF has participated and contributed to EPIC Technical Conferences in Reykjavik in 2018 and Berlin in February 2020, presenting how we engage organizations to embrace equal pay.
  • ESF has announced the first global certification in March 2019 for Philip Morris International impacting over 80’000 employees in 91 countries, setting a milestone for equal pay.
  • CSW 63 New York spreading the word about equal pay through BPW – Business and Professional Women International Network – BPW Summit Leaders and Equal Pay Day Event at German Mission, NY.
  • On April 24, 2019, ESF spoke in an UN Global Compact Academy webinar where 50 participants learned how to evaluate, understand and take action to address the gender pay gap in their companies.
  • On April 2020, ESF announced the certification of UBS Switzerland, one of the major employers of Switzerland and of its sector, setting a new milestone for equal pay.
  • ESF continues its global mission with candidate organizations applying for its certification in various countries across the world.

In 2018, as proud member of the UN Global Compact and to underline our support to SDGs, we introduced our new logo, inspired by and paying tribute to SDG 5 : Gender Equality.

This was inspired during our participation to the General Assembly of the Global Compact Network Switzerland in June 2018 at the UN building in Geneva where members were encouraged to “Align Reporting and Communication” to translate it into “SDGs language”.

As part of our brand redesign, we have chosen two new brand colors: coral and deep blue. The duality of these colors, and of our new website, represent our mission to achieve equality for men and women.

Vevey, Switzerland, April 29, 2020

Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder

André Schneider, President

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