Equileap recognizes the EQUAL-SALARY Certification

Feb 15, 2022
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The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is pleased to announce that Equileap has decided to include the Equal-Salary Certification as an Equileap-recognized gender audit. We are very proud of this new collaboration and glad to join forces to close the wage gap together. We hope this join effort will encourage more companies to take a stand for what’s right.

As the leading provider of data & insights on gender equality for the financial sector, Equileap’s mission is to close the wage gap in the workforce. Equileap evaluates companies based on a broad set of gender equality criteria, which include 19 criteria on gender balance in leadership and workforce, gender pay gap, work-life balance and policies promoting gender equality.

The last criterion of this assessment, the Audit (Q19), considers whether the company has undertaken and awarded an independent gender audit certificate by an Equileap recognized body. From now on, companies awarded the Equal-Salary Certification, symbol of excellence in terms of equal pay, will receive a score of 100% for Q19.

Equileap concludes that the EQUAL-SALARY certification ensures that the certified company has a fair, non-discriminatory wage policy in place as well as a strategy to reach equal remuneration. It has well-developed HR policies which reflect transparency, objectivity and meritocracy- including training and recruitment, anti-sexual harassment, parental leave, flexible working, and employees’ protection. It has implemented and formalized its HR policies by following up on them, monitoring their results and ensuring all employees are aware of them. The company’s internal culture and the perception of its employees match the company’s formal commitment to equality principles.

About Equileap

Equileap is the leading provider of data & insights on gender equality for the financial sector. Their mission is to close the equality gap in the workforce. They are a specialized data provider with a broad scope of gender equality metrics which enable investors to make informed decisions on equality in the workplace.

In addition, Equileap publishes regular research reports on the status of gender equality within companies to increase awareness and support companies in their practices towards gender equality.

Equileap has investigating in-depth 4,000 mid and large cap publicly-traded companies in 23 developed markets. Its proprietary Gender Equality ScorecardTM, the methodology used to assess companies, is based on 19 criteria and 27 underlying metrics, including gender balance across the workforce, the gender pay gap, paid parental leave and anti-sexual harassment policies.

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