The EQUAL-SALARY and PwC partnership

PwC has been a preferred partner of EQUAL-SALARY since 2017.

Partnering with a world-leading auditing firm lends serious credibility not only to EQUAL-SALARY but to the equal pay movement as a whole.
PwC works to promote EQUAL-SALARY certification among companies, and has also been entrusted with performing EQUAL-SALARY audits.
Once PwC has issued the audit report, and if the results comply with the requirements, the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation then awards the certification to the candidate company, giving them the right to use the EQUAL-SALARY label for their internal and external communications.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our certified companies have to say.

In obtaining the EQUAL-SALARY label, we wanted to translate into actions our commitment to fairness and respect towards our employees, by demonstrating our commitment to a non-discriminatory wage policy.

Fabienne Goetzinger, General Manager, June 2016

Caisse cantonale vaudoise de compensation
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It goes without saying that in our company, women and men have the same career opportunities.This is reflected, among other things, by the fact that 50% of the management positions are held by women. EQUAL-SALARY underlines our commitment to equal pay, a commitment we are proud of.

Thomas Illi, Managing Director, June 2015

Lyreco Switzerland
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“In today’s day and age, paying women and men the same for the same work should be a non-issue, but incredibly it is not. So after receiving the EQUAL-SALARY label in Switzerland and Japan, we were motivated to go global and externally validate that our actual pay practices match our commitment to equality everywhere that we operate worldwide. In other words, confirming our good intentions with action. Today, forty one PMI affiliates are EQUAL-SALARY Certified, and with dozens more to follow, we are on track to become the first international company to achieve the Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification.
Equal pay for equal work is a fundamental measure of equality and an important building block towards our bigger goal of creating a gender balanced PMI. We have bold ambitions. To achieve them, we need to inspire, support and enable talented men and women from all over the world to contribute their best, individually and collectively.”

Melissa Whiting, Vice President Inclusion & Diversity, Philip Morris International, November 2018.

Philip Morris International
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The City of Fribourg is among the 25 public collectivities in Switzerland that have signed the Charter for Equal Pay in the Public Sector, and intends to confirm its commitment to promoting equal pay, a cause embrassed since several years. Our commitment allowed us to obtain the EQUAL-SALARY certification in 2009 already.

Thierry Steirt, Trustee, September 2016

Ville de Fribourg
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ESR is the largest energy distributor in the Valais, one of the few to be active from the water intake at the foot of the glacier to the electrical outlet in our customers' lounge. Our activities depend of a wide variety of professions and functions. It is therefore essential to ensure that our 300 or so employees benefit from a fair and non-discriminatory salary policy.The attractiveness of the ESR as an employer, especially to young people still in training, reassure us about our mission.

Jean-Albert Ferrez, General Manager, August 2016

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The renewal of the EQUAL-SALARY certification testify of ECA's wish to apply a long-term salary policy that respects gender equality. In obtaining the label, ECA is positioned as a attractive and responsible employer in the job market.

Jérôme Frachebourg, Managing Director, May 2015

ECA – Etablissement cantonal d’assurances
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Why get EQUAL-SALARY certified?

The EQUAL-SALARY certification allows companies to verify and communicate that they practice equal pay in the workplace, which means various benefits both internally and externally.

The equal pay movement is gaining momentum by the day, with an increasing number of CEOs and upper management not only expressing their support, but opting to work exclusively with companies that provide equal pay to male and female employees for the same work.

More and more employees are also choosing to pursue careers in organizations with proven equal pay policies. Getting certified allows you to be transparent and prove your commitment, helping you recruit, retain and promote top talent; employees that share the same values as you do.

The EQUAL-SALARY certification lends credibility to your company and equal pay practices thanks to its proven methodology developed in collaboration with the University of Geneva, and in-depth audits that are performed by a world-leading partner and respect the confidentiality of your workforce.

Getting EQUAL-SALARY certified not only benefits your organization, team and reputation. It gives you the opportunity to be part of real, positive change, helping close the gender pay gap while leading the way for organizations everywhere to do the right thing.


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