Philip Morris International

Certification valid from
2018 to 2021


“In today’s day and age, paying women and men the same for the same work should be a non-issue, but incredibly it is not. So after receiving the EQUAL-SALARY label in Switzerland and Japan, we were motivated to go global and externally validate that our actual pay practices match our commitment to equality everywhere that we operate worldwide. In other words, confirming our good intentions with action. Today, forty one PMI affiliates are EQUAL-SALARY Certified, and with dozens more to follow, we are on track to become the first international company to achieve the Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification.
Equal pay for equal work is a fundamental measure of equality and an important building block towards our bigger goal of creating a gender balanced PMI. We have bold ambitions. To achieve them, we need to inspire, support and enable talented men and women from all over the world to contribute their best, individually and collectively.”

Melissa Whiting, Vice President Inclusion & Diversity, Philip Morris International, November 2018.
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