Making history, first global certification of EQUAL-SALARY Foundation

Mar 4, 2019
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Making history, the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation certifies top Fortune 500 multinational company as “GLOBALLY CERTIFIED”

The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is proud to announce that it has awarded the EQUAL-SALARY “GLOBALLY CERTIFIED” certificate to a global international company for the first time. This certificate attests to the existence of a fair wage policy between women and men within a global organisation in all its subsidiaries around the world.

The recipient of this historical milestone is Philip Morris International (PMI). PMI becomes the first multinational to certify equal pay between women and men on a global level. Certification affects operations in more than 90 countries and nearly 100,000 employees. In doing so, the global movement for equal pay is taking a leap forward.

After more than one year of procedures to verify compliance with all requirements, the certificate was presented at a ceremony attended by management and employees. On this occasion, Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder of EQUAL-SALARY declared: “By its global character, the certification of Philip Morris International is a major step for pay equality between women and men. That a leading Fortune 500 company makes such commitments is a strong signal. We are proud of the international scale that PMI’s Global Certification gives to our cause. ”

“The global EQUAL-SALARY certification demonstrates the great amount of work our colleagues across the world have accomplished in confirming equal pay for equal work throughout PMI worldwide,” said André Calantzopoulos, CEO of PMI. “We need to use this moment to celebrate and continue building an inclusive, gender-balanced organization as we deliver upon our transformation and a smoke-free future.”

This world premiere is not just another step towards the internationalization of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation and its strategic partner, PwC. It is also a new opportunity for Switzerland to position itself as a pioneer in promoting equal pay for women and men. This comes soon after the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE) received a UN Award of Excellence in recognition of Switzerland’s commitment to equal pay. FOGE has financially supported the development of EQUAL-SALARY certification.

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