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Nov 26, 2018
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EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is pleased to announce that, having met all requirements of the EQUAL-SALARY procedure, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is now an EQUAL-SALARY employer. Gavi is the first Global Health organisation to obtain the EQUAL-SALARY label, certifying that women and men get equal pay for work of equal value. With this certification, the organisation sets itself apart as a top employer where principles of fairness, diversity and inclusion and good governance are the foundation for success.

Created in 2000, Gavi – the Vaccine Alliance – is an international not-for-profit organization bringing together public and private sectors with the shared goal of creating equal access to lifesaving vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries. Gavi support has contributed to the immunisation of close to 700 million children, helping to save 10 million lives.

I am extremely proud that Gavi is leading the way as an EQUAL-SALARY employer,” said Anuradha Gupta, Deputy CEO of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance. “We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the Gavi Secretariat is an inclusive and equitable environment, in which every employee feels valued. And we won’t stop there – we are also committed to reducing gender barriers in the countries we support to ensure a person’s health is not dictated by their gender and that mothers, the primary care givers, are enabled to access quality services for their children.”

See the complete press release in the resources below.
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