EQUAL-SALARY Certification is recognized by alliance F

Oct 18, 2022

alliance F

alliance F, founded in Bern on 26 May 1900 as the Association of Swiss Women’s Organisations, represents the interests of women in Swiss politics and advocates for equality between women and men in business, work, family, and society. As the oldest, largest and most non-partisan umbrella organisation, alliance F has more than 100 member associations and over 900 individual members. Members are women (and men) from all major political parties, including former and active women from national, state and federal councillors.

alliance F is launching Check your salary, a movement of modern, forward-looking companies that turn words into action and pave the way for real change. Check your Salary gathers information for interested companies that want to anchor equal pay and opportunities in their corporate culture. The project also provides employees with tips and tricks so that they do not leave equal pay solely in the hands of companies and politicians.

How to participate

  1. Check your salaries
  • independently with the standard analysis tool Logib
  • with the support of external specialists
  • or you have already performed a salary analysis (not older than 2021)

  1. Confirm the completion of the salary analysis and you will officially receive one of our awards.

Your commitment will be accompanied by a communication from alliance F and will be highlighted on the Check your Salary website.


Why participate in Check your Salary?

Leading companies pay on merit and have fair pay systems. It’s worth it: they create a motivating corporate culture, are attractive employers, have access to a larger talent pool and secure competitive advantages.

Take part in this large-scale campaign and, together with other modern companies, create a new dynamic around equal pay and equal opportunities and encourage other companies on the same path to create positive competition.

If your company is EQUAL-SALARY certified, you will automatically receive the highest of the 5 awards of the Check your Salary project: Champion.

With this award, you prove once again that your company has taken the leap and is consolidating equality in your corporate culture.

Consult the requirements and prerequisites at https://checkyoursalary.ch/fr/info-pour-les-entreprises

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