Vevey/Lausanne, August 26, 2019

Aug 26, 2019
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The EQUAL-SALARY is pleased to announce that, having reached all the requirements of the EQUAL-SALARY procedure, ECA (Établissement d’assurance contre l’incendie et les éléments naturels du Canton de Vaud) has renewed the EQUAL-SALARY certification for the 3rd time in a row.

Present since 2011 in the group of EQUAL-SALARY certified organizations, ECA stays true to its image of pioneering and outstandingly equal company, passing successfully the various steps of the certification.

« I am particularly proud of ECA’s involvement. It was one of the first organization trusting our Foundation. The fact that ECA renews its certification for the third time is to me a proof – if still needed – that this commitment to equal pay is valuable” commented Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder and CEO of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

“As a public service provider, ECA must set itself as an example. The renewal of our EQUAL-SALARY certification values ECA as an attractive and accountable employer on the labour market. (…) Today, it is no longer conceivable to have differences in treatment for a same role in a company” added Serge Depallens, Managing director of ECA.

Pay equity in practice …

While most companies claim to pay women and men fairly, the wage gap is still close to 23% globally, averaging 16.2% in Europe. In Switzerland, in the sector of finance and insurances, the gap still reaches 31%. (sources: eurostat June 2018, based on 2016 data / Federal office of statistics).

 … and particulary in the public sector of the Canton de Vaud

According to the swiss investigation on the wages’ structure (OFS 2016) the wage gap between women and men working in the public sector reaches 9.6%.

photo credit : Glenn Michel

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