Oct 19, 2021

Vevey / Dubaï, October 20 2021 – The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is pleased to announce that Cartier SA (UAE) has obtained the EQUAL-SALARY certification, symbol of excellence in terms of equal pay for all its employees of Cartier and its affiliates in the United Arab Emirates. After successfully passing the statistical analysis of its salaries, Cartier SA (UAE) underwent an internal audit entrusted to PwC proving that it applied equal pay for women and men.

“The fight for equal pay for women and men has no nationality, no borders. It is a common effort in which every country and every company has a social responsibility to participate. The certification of Cartier in the United Arab Emirates and the presidential decree imposing equal pay for men and women in the private sector that came into force in 2020 are proof of this. Our cause continues to advance and we are deeply grateful to pioneering companies such as Cartier SA.” commented Lisa Rubli, co-CEO of EQUAL-SALARY.

“The EQUAL-SALARY Certification is an important milestone for a global organisation like ours. Today’s times require transparency and evidences. Evidences that the intention and efforts come to measurable impacts and results. At Cartier we strive to provide working environment where each individual is welcome, included, can develop, is heard, and is compensated in fair and equitable manner.  EQUAL-SALARY Certification analyses facts and data, and certifies that these principles and commitments are met in real life. We are pleased and proud to receive this certification, and look forward to its full deployment worldwide in our Maison” added Cyrille Vigneron, CEO of Cartier.

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