Let’s close the wage gap together

Lead by example. Get a competitive advantage.

The time for debating wage inequality is over. Whether between men and women, or according to ethnic identity, today we can take up this complex challenge and get to the heart of the matter. We can pave the way for real change. Equal pay and equal opportunity. Regardless of gender or ethnic identity.

To ensure your company’s success and gain a competitive edge – building a solid reputation, attracting and retaining the best talent – it’s not enough to say you practice equal pay.

With the EQUAL-SALARY certification, you get to put your values into action. To back your words up with facts. To take a stand for what’s right.

Act now and help close the wage gap for good.

Why equal pay matters

The time for change is now

We strongly believe that equal pay is a basic human right. And the time has come to make our mission a reality.

That’s why we’ve committed to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. And why we pledge to promote its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of ‘Gender Equality’, ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’, ‘Reduced Inequalities’ and ‘Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions’.

EQUAL-SALARY is a member of EPIC – the Equal Pay International Coalition and is recognised by Equileap as a gender equality audit – because joining forces to gain momentum, be part of the big picture and finally tackle the gender pay gap around the globe in practice is part of our vision of a better world for both women and men, regardless of their ethnic identity.

Getting EQUAL-SALARY certified sends out a powerful message, proving that your company has a fair wage policy. You’re setting an example, you become a leader within your industry and create solid foundations for your ESG strategy.

Doing the right thing not only feels good; it’s contagious.


Let’s Talk Equal Pay


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Every Voice Counts

The equal pay movement is gaining momentum every day. Be sure to talk about it, spread the word and let the world know which side you stand on. Use your voice as a force for good and help make equal pay a reality.