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Oct 12, 2020
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Vevey / Geneva, October 12, 2020 – The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is pleased to announce that, after passing both a scientific salary analysis and an internal audit led by PwC with success, EBU, the world’s leading alliance of public service media has obtained the EQUAL-SALARY certification. EBU is the first organization from the public service media sector to be EQUAL-SALARY certified.

«EBU leads by example in the public media sector. At the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, we strongly believe that commitments like EBU just gave with its certification will open the path to other organizations and bring the future of equal pay to the next level.» Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

«We are completely committed to ensuring that everyone at the EBU is paid equally and has the same opportunities for development and growth. It’s a core part of our values. But it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also the best for our business. Our organization thrives on a diversity of views and ideas and we want to ensure we attract, and retain, the very best talent irrespective of gender. Equal salary certification demonstrates our commitment to a fair wage policy that benefits everyone.» Noel Curran, Director General EBU.


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