Żabka Polska

Certification valid from
2022 to 2025
Certified since 2022


« In Żabka we have been consistently building an organizational culture based on values for years. Trust in the company is the result of our actions and builds the credibility of processes in which employees participate. The Payroll Policy we have adopted ensures that the remuneration of employees depends solely on their skills, the results achieved, and the impact on the organization. In the teams that make up our organization, we value the ingenuity and fresh look, which is ensured by the diversity of experience and competencies of the people employed. In this way, we can meet the ambitious business challenges we face and effectively build our competitive advantage »

Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.
Certificate N. ESF22-264
Scope: All employees of Zabka Polska, in Poland.