JTI Slovak Republic s r.o.

Certification valid from
2024 to 2027
Certified since 2024


« It goes beyond simply closing the pay gap – this is about ensuring governance to prevent pay gap to arise again due to inequalities in various processes. This involves empowering women, enhancing talent management, refining recruitment practices. For the recent three years I believe we progressed significantly in our cluster with the DEI Policy. This year, we took a significant step forward by conducting an external audit across all cluster countries. The audit was not a simple statistical analysis of wages. It comprised of focus group discussions with randomly selected employees, meetings with management, it was a comprehensive evaluation ».

Yelena Yugova, JTI's People & Culture Director for the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia
Certificate N. ESF-24-253
Scope : All employees of JTI Slovak Republic s r.o. S.p.A in Slovakia.