A powerful HR tool

If you are serious about certain ethical values such as applying a fair wage policy between women and men, and if you are also committed to continuously strengthen your company’s competitive advantage, then you should consider getting certified equal-salary.

Being able to actually prove that you apply a fair wage policy between women and men, and this without the need to publicly divulge confidential information and with a limited investment in time and money, you are well positioned to

1: Recruit the best talents to develop your business

  • Not only among women who will feel reassured that their work is correctly compensated compared to men.
  • But among men and women alike because an ethical approach to compensation reflects a company’s overall approach to creating a positive environment in which work and ideas can flourish.

2: Attract more clients

  • Among those who consider an ethical company as a more reliable long-term business partner.
  • And among those sensitive to the issue of equal compensation for women and men. This can be a vast opportunity given the fact that women decide the purchase of close to 85% of goods & services.