UBS in Switzerland

Certification valid from
2020 to 2023
Certified since 2020


“We want to be a world-class employer where employees can unlock their full potential. And diversity, equal opportunity and fair pay practices are key ingredients to this. Our EQUAL-SALARY certifications in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and the USA represent more than two-thirds of our employees and demonstrate a real commitment to fair pay across the firm.”

Ralph Hamers, UBS Group CEO

UBS in Switzerland is certified as an EQUAL-SALARY employer for all its employees in Switzerland.

The scope of the certification includes all employees working in Switzerland for the following UBS Divisions: Asset Management, Corporate Center, Global Wealth Management, Investment Bank, and Personal & Corporate Banking.

This represents the Swiss employees of following Legal Entities: UBS Switzerland AG, UBS Business Solutions AG, UBS AG, UBS Asset Management Switzerland AG, UBS Asset Management AG, UBS Fund Management, UBS Swiss Financial Advisers, UBS Pension Fund, Schloss Wolfsberg – Ermatingen, UBS Europe SE SB and UBS Clean Energy, Basel.