Salary data analysis

Observatoire universitaire de l’emploi (OUE) of Geneva University

equal-salary has developed an exclusive relationship with the Observatoire universitaire de l’emploi (OUE) – The Geneva University Employment Observatory – which will carry out the statistical salary analysis of the certification process.

Professor Yves Flückiger at Geneva University has developed a statistical analysis of salary data based on a regression method which allows to detect pay discrimination . The analysis is based on information provided by the company , such as for example the level of education , experience, seniority. It can also take into account the position and other data considered significant by the company. The candidate company is free to fix its own compensation policy, provided that this policy is consistent and that it treats women and men equally.

One of the strong points of the OUE methodology is that there is no need to have both a woman and a man in the same position with the same qualifications and competencies to evaluate the salary level each person is entitled to.

Recognized by the Swiss Federal Court of Justice

The OUE’s salary equation has proven its validity in several legal cases, in particular in 2003 when the Swiss Federal Court of Justice retained its conclusions in a groundbreaking salary discrimination case.


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