GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance

Certification valid from
2021 to 2024
Certified since 2018


“I am extremely proud that Gavi has been recertified as an EQUAL-SALARY employer. This is a testament to our deep and unwavering commitment to gender equality in all aspects of our work – both at the global level and in the countries we support. This EQUAL-SALARY recertification is recognition of our efforts to guarantee not only equal pay regardless of gender, but also meaningful representation, voice and respect for women at all levels of decision-making. Gender equality at Gavi has enriched our strategy, policies and programmes. We continue our work to reduce gender-related barriers to immunization, to ensure a person’s health is not dictated by their gender – and that mothers and other primary caregivers everywhere are able to access quality health services for their children.”

Anuradha Gupta, Deputy CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
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Certificate N. ESF21-260
Scope: All employees of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in Switzerland
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