DHL Logistics Middle East DWC-LLC

Certification valid from
2021 to 2024
Certified since 2021


"Having the opportunity of a neutral and internationally recognized Equal Pay Certification is just a complementary way of making sure that our Aspiration to be a Great Place to Work for All, regardless of Gender, Nationality, Age and Belief…is for Real at DHL.

- After our Women in Leadership initiative, Top Employer Certification as well as Great Place To Work qualifications this Equal Salary Certification will reinforce that we are indeed the Best Home for Talents within and outside our industry Segment.

- This Certificate including our Inclusion Initiatives are ground breaking enablers to Make DHL Future Ready to Shift Up A Gear and Make The World A Better Place at the Speed of Yellow.

We always strive to be Passionate, Powerful and Proud to leave up to our Purpose:
Connecting People. Improving Lives".

Amadou Diallo, CEO of DHL - Middle-East Africa
Certificate N. ESF22-251
Scope: All employees of DHL in UAE