André Schneider, President of the board

André Schneider

President of the Board

General Manager, Genève Aéroport

CEO and Chairman, André Schneider Global Advisory

Former COO of World Economic Forum, EQUAL-SALARY certified

Véronique Goy Veenhuys

Founder & member of the board

Director, Fondation equal-salary

Hanspeter Ischi

Member of the board

Consultant in organizational development, conformity assessment and quality assurance

Former head of the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS

Leila Delarive

Member of the board
Laywer, Founder ElleProd Ltd


Hans-Peter Rohner

Member of the board

Past-member of the Board of PubliGroupe, EQUAL-SALARY certified


Jérôme Frachebourg

Member of the board

Former General Manager ECA, Etablissement Cantonal d’Assurances canton Vaud, EQUAL-SALARY certified

Chantal Balet

Attorney-at-law, Cabinet Conseils FBL associés
Former head of economiesuisse Western Switzerland
Member of the board