About equal-salary

equal-salary is a certification of equal compensation for women and men.

It operates in collaboration with The Observatoire universitaire de l’emploi (OUE)  – The Geneva University Employment Observatory; an institution specialized in labor market issues.

Its history

equal-salary was created in 2005. Its basic proposition is simple: the ability to prove without publicly divulging confidential information, that a company applies a fair wage policy between women and men is good for business and good for the men and women who work there.

The development of the standard

Two years were necessary to solve the complex requirements behind this proposition and develop a watertight certification process applicable to commercial companies, not-for-profit and governmental institutions.

A pilot phase

This period was followed by a 2-year pilot phase to fine-tune the certification process. During this period, out of 7 candidate organizations, 6 received the equal-salary label. Since April 2010, equal-salary is available to any interested company or organization, in Switzerland or abroad.

Because of the opportunity equal-salary represents to foster gender equality as well as creating a more equitable working environment, the Swiss Confederation financially supports equal-salary with funds made available by the Federal Bureau for Gender Equality.