Philip Morris Brasil Indústria e Comércio LTDA

Certification valid from
2018 to 2021


“Philip Morris Brazil is proud to be the first company in Brazil to obtain the EQUAL-SALARY Certification. We all agree that women should be paid the same as men for equal work, but unfortunately, that is not the reality for many women in the world today. We wanted to be part of this change. Therefore, we endeavor, with other PMI affiliates, in a credible, independent verification that our actual pay practices matched our commitment to equality. First, we submitted ourselves to a quantitative comparison of salary data, followed by a qualitative audit of our management commitment to equal pay principles and of our people policies, practices and processes to identify any potential gender blind spots. Conquering the Equal-Salary Certification is definitely cause for celebration!”

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Equal-Salary certification is an external endorsement of our pay and HR practices. We deeply believe that is through an inclusive culture and diverse teams we will innovate and reach our ambition. We want to change an industry and this is big. Therefore, we must engage, support and enable men and women to give their best, individual and collectively.
This certification advances our efforts to achieve gender balance and close the gender pay gap, essential ingredients for our business transformation as we strive to create a smoke-free world.


EQUAL-SALARY certification was helpful to confirm that we are in the right path. First, it demonstrated that we indeed pay men and women equally for the same job. Secondly, after a very complete assessment of our HR and Remuneration practices, we could discuss additional opportunities in our practices. This supports the creation of a more inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity and different perspectives to help us successfully transform our business and create a smoke-free world.
From a people perspective, the certification was important for us both externally, to strengthen our attractiveness as an employer; and internally, to support employee engagement, as our people now know that they work for a progressive and fair organization where women can also have success.

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